build your own CMS

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A CMS system is a Content Management System and is used to manage content on your website


Why should you use a CMS system?

let's say you are trying to build a website in HTML and CSS,

And you're like, maybe I should edit the header or the footer,

And so you open your index.html file, And you change that word in the header.

you do that same thing with page1.html, page2.html and contect.html.

that sounds like a pain in the ass, And that is where a CMS system comes into place.


Should you build your own CMS system?

The quick answer to this is NO!!



  1. because there are popular tools available like Wordpress or Joomla
  2. because popular tools like Wordpress and Joomla have thousands of man-hours into it, which is something you cannot compete up to
  3. you've got to enroll the updates for the system your self.
  4. there is no community around it. which makes it incompatible.


but if you want to learn to program YES you should definitely build a CMS system.


How to build a CMS system?

If you want to build a CMS system. you'll need a couple of programming languages like PHP and HTML.

there are lots of tutorials online available that will show you how to build a CMS system,

For example.


Download something like Wordpress or Joomla

If you want to build a professional website, then you'll be better off using something like Wordpress or Joomla, Rather than building your own.

I recommend you to download Wordpress since this is the most popular tool available. since it is the most popular one,

there are more developers developing themes for it which means that you can just download a wordpress theme


A quick summary.

If you want to build a website you probably want something like a CMS system, To manage your content.

remember that you shouldn't build your own CMS system, but download Wordpress or Joomla