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Do you wanna build a music clickbait website. Then this is the way to go

click here for a preview

Download here


How to install

Stap 1 get ready:

First, you'll need to modify the next code to your preference (in config.php):

$servername = "";
$username = "";
$password = "";
$database = "";

For example, if your running USB Web server the code would probably look like this:

$servername = "localhost";
$username = "root";
$password = "usbw";
$database = "test";

If your planning to install this software is a separate directory, then you'll need to change the following code (in config.php):



define('BASE_URL', PROTOCOL . URL . '/directoryName');

After all of that is done you can proceed to step 2.


Step 2 install:

First, copy all of the files to your website using FTP,

after that, you can open

and follow the instructions on the screen and hit the install button.

After the installation is finished I recommend you to delete install.php.


When you have followed all the above instructions you should now have a working Music clickbait site.