TD-RMA 1.0

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Cklick here to download TD-RMA.


TD-RMA is an application which I made during my internship at (Educanet) which is the ICT department at ROC Kop van Noord-Holland.

I made this application because they were using an Excel sheet for all of the computers that came in for a repair.



Keep in mind that this application is in Dutch.

The manual provided with TD-RMA is because of that written in Dutch


How to install TD-RMA (EN)?

To install TD-RMA you'll need 3 things

  1. A web server (Apache2, PHP7(or 5) and MYSQL)
  2. The installation package of TD-RMA
  3. PHPMyAdmin to create the database

once you have those 3 things you can start the installation

Step 1 getting ready:

Copy the content of "RMA version 1" over to the root of the server


Step 2 install:

After you've copied over the installation package. you can open your internet browser and start filling out its form and click on install(instaleer)

translation of the image above

Welkom bij de instalatie van de RMA = Welcome to the installation of the RMA

Maak de eerste Gebruiker aan = Create the first user

Gebruiker = User / (LET OP dit is een admin) = (BEWARE this is an admin)

Wachtwoord = Password

Wachtwoord controle = Password confirm


De gegevens van de database = The database credentials

DB Gebruikersnaam = DB Username

DB wachtwoord = DB Password

DB wachtwoord controle = DB Password confirm

DB server address = DB server address

DB database naam = DB database name

instaleer = install


Stap 3 done:

After you clicked on the install button you'll be redirected to the login screen and the installation is finished